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Rocky Mountain Ruby

There are many facets to Ruby! And at this year's Rocky Mountain Ruby conference be prepared to experience all those facets. We have gathered a host of amazing speakers and we will weave them into an exciting fabric together with workshops, interesting conversations, great food and drink, and of course, Boulder's wonderful outdoors.

Rocky Mountain Ruby is a single track software conference focused on the Ruby programming language in Boulder, Colorado happening September 23-25. It is a mixture of technical presentations, community events, and outdoor experiences. It's all about those passionate about Ruby coming together to share and learn from each other. We have fun, we explore, and connect.

2015 is our sixth year and we're excited with the people and the program we have assembled. Join us this fall in Boulder, Colorado!


Boulder Theater

Join us for our sixth year at the Boulder Theater. With a gorgeous Art Deco facade and a bar at its center, this historic concert hall was originally built in 1906 as an opera house. The Boulder Theater hosts events of all kinds throughout the year, including musical performances, theater productions, films, weddings and conferences.

Hotel room hold Information
2032 14TH St.
Boulder, CO. 80302


When booking travel, Wednesday September 23rd is a workshop day that is optional. There willl also be a welcome reception at QuickLeft in Boulder at 5pm that we highly encourage all attendees to drop by. (check back for the venue). We will be offering early registration so you can avoid the check-in lines Thursday morning. Don't miss this chance to talk to your fellow attendees and speakers in a relaxed setting. September 24 and 25 are the sessions days with the conference ending the night of the 25th at the afterparty.



Steve Klabnik

Rust for Rubyists

Shelby Switzer

Guerrilla APIs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Box

Terence Lee

mruby: a Packaging Story Filled with Freedom

Rubyists are famously polyglot. I've heard people joke that there are more JavaScript talks at some Ruby conferences than there are Ruby talks. But there's one area in which most Rubyists don't go: low-level programming. We often say 'Ruby is slow, but that doesn't matter. I'll just drop down to C when I need performance.' But C is pretty scary, so we never actually do it. In this talk, Steve will show off Rust, a new programming language from Mozilla. Steve will show you how that saying should change: 'drop down to Rust,' and why it's better for Rubyists than C.

Code of Conduct

Rocky Mountain Ruby strives to be a welcoming environment for all its participants. While this has been true in past years, we underline this intent this year by adopting the code of conduct originally developed by the Ada Initiative and JSConf 2012. All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

tl;dr: Don’t be a Jerk and please email us at info@rockymtnruby.com if you have any concerns or questions.

Code of Conduct




Graham McBain


Graham McBain lives in Denver with his wife and co-organizer Alissa McBain. Graham attended Rocky Mountain last year and had a blast! When he heard that Stephan and Sarah wouldn't be hosting again he was heart broken and decided it was high time he step up and get things moving. Not only is Graham amazing looking he's also a developer evangelist at Context.IO If you have any questions about the event or life in general you can find Graham on Twitter @grahammcbain

Alissa McBain


The operational arm of Rocky Mountain Ruby is a one woman show ran by Alissa McBain. After working her day job at a local Denver wealth manager, and her night job as a quilting and knitting extraordinaire, she jumps head first into projects (like Rocky Mountain Ruby!) with her husband, Graham McBain. She monitors the Rocky Mountain email, so if you'd like to get in touch with her shoot an email to info@rockymtnruby.com.

Zach Klabunde


Zach Klabunde works as a full stack web development instructor at Galvanize. Rocky Mountain Ruby was the first programming conference he attended and he is extremely excited for the opportunity to help organize. He sends a huge thanks and shoutout to Stephan Hagemann for teaching him about engines and encourages anyone interested in component based rails applications to check out his book. You can find Zach on twitter @zbunde or by email at zbunde@gmail.com