• Kinsey Durham

    Kinsey is a software engineer at GoSpotCheck in Denver, Colorado. She is the co-founder of Kubmo, a non-profit dedicated to building and teaching technology curriculum to young women around the world. She is the chair of the BridgeFoundry board and organizes the Scholars and Guides Programs for Ruby Central conferences. She is also obsessed with dogs, especially her dog Harleigh.

  • Aaron Gray & Shelby Switzer

    Aaron and Shelby are passionate about development and Colorado. As organizers of Moonconf and all around great people we're excited to have them co-presenting at RMR2016!

  • Coraline Ada Ehmke

    Coraline Ada Ehmke is a speaker, writer, teacher, open source advocate and technologist with 20 years of experience in developing apps for the web. As a founding member of OS4W.org and contributor-covenant.org, she works diligently to promote diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. Her current interests include refactoring, code analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Ruby Conference at the foot of the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain Ruby brings rubyists together in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Over the past six years people have come to learn new techniques, make new friends, and be immersed in the language they love. There are many software conferences around the world with whiz-bang marketing gimmicks in exotic locations, but there is only one Rocky Mountain Ruby.

We love this conference, and we know you will too.