What Does Accept Friend Mean on Snapchat (Explained)

Last Updated: March 2, 2024
Published by Ruby Cobb

When you receive a notification on Snapchat indicating a friend request, it means another user has expressed interest in adding you to their friends' list.

Receiving a friend request does not automatically include them in your Snapchat network; it requires an action on your part.

Here are the steps you encounter with a friend request:

  1. Notification: You receive a notification alerting you that someone wants to add you.
  2. Friend List: The person who has added you appears in your 'Added Me' list.
  3. Accept or Ignore: You have the choice to either accept or ignore the friend request.

If you decide to accept the friend request, this action will:

  • Allow you to view the other person's shared snaps, provided their privacy settings are configured to show content to friends.
  • Grant the requesting user the ability to view your Story, if your privacy settings are set to Friends Only.
  • Enable the exchange of direct messages between you and the new friend.

Upon accepting, the other person is moved to your friends list. However, if you decide not to accept, they will remain in the 'Added Me' list, and neither of you will be able to interact via direct snaps or messages until you accept.

The table below summarises the implications of your choice:

Action Visibility of Content Messaging Ability Status in Friend List
Accept Mutual (based on privacy settings) Enabled Added to Friends
Do Not Accept One-way (they can view your public content) Disabled Remains in 'Added Me'

Remember, on Snapchat, friendship is a two-way process and requires mutual consent. Only after both parties have added each other does the platform fully enable interactive features.

Accepting a Friend Request on Snapchat

When you receive a friend request on Snapchat, this indicates that another user has shown interest in connecting with you.

Upon accepting a friend request, you essentially allow this user to:

  • Send you personal Snaps and messages.
  • View your Snapchat Stories.

To accept a friend request, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Added Me' section of Snapchat.
  2. Locate the user who has added you.
  3. Tap on the '+ Accept' button beside their name.

Once you complete this action, you and the other user are mutually considered 'friends' on the platform.

This bilateral connection is different from simply following someone or being a follower. As friends, you have the privilege to engage in private communication, and your shared content will be available to each other.

Remember, until you accept a friend request, the other user can add you but will not have access to interact with your content. By accepting, you reciprocate this access:

Action Outcome
Accepting friend request Mutual sharing of Snaps and messages

Bear in mind that your privacy settings play a crucial role. They determine whether users who haven't been accepted as friends can view your Stories or not. Manage these settings to ensure your desired level of privacy on Snapchat.

Notifications and Friend Confirmation

When you receive a Snapchat notification that someone wants to be your friend, it signals a friend request. This notification typically appears in your notifications center or as a pop-up on your phone screen.

It will contain the requester's name along with options to either accept or decline the friend request.

Upon receiving this notification, if you choose to accept the request, your Snapchat connection is confirmed, enabling mutual sharing of snaps and stories. Here is what transpires when you interact with these friend notifications:

  • Accepting a Friend Request: By accepting, you allow the person to view your shared content, and depending on your privacy settings, send you snaps and messages.
  • Ignoring a Friend Request: If you ignore the request, the other person cannot see your shared content or contact you through snaps or messages.
  • Adding a Friend: If you send a friend request to someone else, they receive a similar notification to accept your request.

Remember, seeing an "Accept" button on another user's Snapchat profile implies that the person has added you as a friend, waiting for your confirmation. Even before you accept, they may view your shared stories, depending on your privacy settings.

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