Why Does It Say 'You May Know' on Snapchat? (Explained)

Last Updated: March 2, 2024
Published by Ruby Cobb

The 'You May Know' feature on Snapchat generates personalized friend suggestions to enhance your networking experience by utilizing your social connections.

Friend Suggestions Mechanism

When Snapchat displays a "You May Know" notification, it is utilizing a specific friend suggestion algorithm.

This mechanism takes into account various factors such as:

  • Mutual friends: The more friends you share with a user, the likelier they are to appear in your suggestions.
  • Contact list: If a user's phone number exists in your contact list, Snapchat may suggest them as someone you may know.
  • Frequent interaction: Profiles that engage with similar content or accounts may be suggested due to presumed interests or relationships.

This system is designed to help you discover and connect with people you may have mutual connections with or shared interests.

Privacy Considerations and Settings

Privacy Settings: Snapchat provides you with settings to manage who can see you in 'Quick Add'.

Ensuring your privacy on the platform involves:

  • Navigating to 'Settings' and then to the 'Who Can...' section.
  • Adjusting 'See Me in Quick Add' to your preference, which controls your visibility in others' 'You May Know' suggestions.

Understanding Visibility: Knowing that 'You May Know' is reciprocal helps you understand how your profile might appear to other users.

Adjusting your privacy settings affects your own visibility in this feature as well as the visibility of others in your 'Quick Add' suggestions.

Factors Influencing 'You May Know' Suggestions

Snapchat's 'You May Know' feature generates friend suggestions based on certain elements of your activity and connections. Understanding these elements can give you insights into how Snapchat curates your social experience.

Contact List Analysis

Snapchat accesses your phone's contact list to identify individuals that you may know.

If someone in your contacts is also on Snapchat and has their number associated with their account, Snapchat might suggest them to you.

Mutual Friends

Possessing mutual friends with another Snapchat user significantly affects the likelihood of them showing up as a suggestion.

The platform considers users with whom you share common friends as potential additions to your network.

Profile Interactions

Snapchat examines interactions such as profile views or shared interests.

For instance, if you've viewed someone's profile repeatedly or engage in similar content, Snapchat might suggest them under 'You May Know'.

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