Is WhatsApp Used For Dating? (The Unspoken Reality)

Last Updated: March 1, 2024
Published by Ruby Cobb

Yes, WhatsApp is used for dating, mainly for these two reasons:

  • WhatsApp is convenient. It’s free, secure, feature-rich, works on multiple devices, and not embarrassing when used in public. Because of this, it’s often used as a platform to graduate from a dating app.
  • WhatsApp can get you connected to a potential date. There are hundreds of public WhatsApp dating groups that people can freely join to look for a match.

However, dating on WhatsApp also has some downsides. It’s impossible to stop WhatsApp from displaying the phone number you’ve used to sign up (which is most people’s real phone number), and dating groups are often infiltrated by scammers.

Here’s further detail on the advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp for dating:

Is WhatsApp Really Used for Dating?

WhatsApp is frequently used for dating, as it’s the most popular messaging app in many countries. If someone finds a match through a dating app or site, chances are they can readily connect on WhatsApp if they think that they’re a good fit.

The most popular way people use WhatsApp for dating is as a superior chat platform to dating apps and sites. It fills the space between Tinder and Facebook. It’s not too intimate and exposing like Facebook and has more chat features than Tinder.

Dating groups are another way WhatsApp is used for dating. There are hundreds of public dating groups anyone can join to find a match. You can access lists of these groups and their links with a quick Google search.

However, using WhatsApp for dating also has some downsides. One downside is the likelihood of encountering scams, especially when using WhatsApp groups to date. Another is privacy, as WhatsApp makes your real number visible to everyone.

Pros of Using WhatsApp for Dating

1. Convenience

According to data, WhatsApp is one of the fastest-growing and most widely used messaging apps, making it the go-to platform for keeping in touch with a good date for many people.

It’s also free, allowing you to use many of its date-enhancing features without needing to pay for a premium service.

This is not the case for many dating apps and sites, so a lot of people think of moving to WhatsApp or a similar messaging app after meeting a good match rather than paying for their dating platform’s chat service.

2. Chat Features

Having many ways to mingle with someone online helps conversations stay interesting and move at a relationship-building pace. WhatsApp has many features that are useful for both casual and intimate dating conversations:

  • Texting - You can have ongoing text conversations to get to know each other, make plans, share ideas and interests, flirt, etc.
  • Voice Messages - Recording and sending voice notes adds a more personal, conversational touch. You get to hear each other's voices and conversational habits.
  • Photo Sharing - You can trade fun selfies, share photos from your day, or send pictures of things you want to tell the other person about.
  • Video Chat - Face-to-face video chatting helps you get a better feel for chemistry and connection than just texting. You can have virtual dates this way.
  • Group Chats - You can also text, call, and video chat in private groups, which is useful for a date introducing you to their friends in a more casual way.

You can also disable read receipts, online status, and last status tags on WhatsApp, as well as specify which ones to hide these details from.

WhatsApp also lets you block users. These features help maintain distance between you and someone you just met.

3. Discreet (in Public)

WhatsApp provides more discretion than dating apps if you want to chat with someone you just met, but don't want others to know it's a date.

For example, if you exchange numbers with someone, you can chat on WhatsApp later without pulling out a dating app in public that shows your romantic intentions.

WhatsApp also isn’t awkward to show in public like Tinder or Snapchat. It has no attached “stigma” and its interface looks like most other messaging apps. This allows you to chat with your date in public without worrying about getting awkward looks.

4. Works on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp allows you to seamlessly message between your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, and web browser.

This makes it very convenient for coordinating and chatting with dates, even if you switch devices. You can start a conversation on your phone, and easily continue it from your laptop later.

It also enables voice and video calls from devices other than your phone. So, a WhatsApp video chat with your date could be from your computer screen for better image quality and comfort.

5. Security

Knowing that no one can access and see intimate texts, pictures, and videos you send is important, especially when dating.

To keep your conversations secure, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for messages, voice calls, and video calls.

This provides more privacy than regular SMS or phone calls, as hackers will have a much harder time gaining access to your messages on WhatsApp.

Cons of Using WhatsApp for Dating

1. Scams

WhatsApp dating groups can be magnets for romance scams and catfishing attempts.

While WhatsApp requires a number to register and use its service, scammers still find ways to join these public groups and connect with unsuspecting people looking for dates.

The most common way scammers work is to gain people's trust through sweet talking and building an emotional connection. Then, they will eventually ask for money or gifts, or try to lure people into shady investment opportunities or travel deals.

Some red flags to watch for are people who:

  • Refuse to video chat
  • Claim to be overseas
  • Ask for intimate details or profess love too quickly
  • Make strange requests (such as pressuring you to take a picture of something unusual)
  • Constantly have emergencies they need money for

2. Privacy

WhatsApp makes the phone number you used to register visible to everyone you connect with. For many people, that’s the main phone number they use for other accounts.

It’s not possible to hide this, so anyone can use this information to look you up on other social media platforms that display your phone number.

Having your real number out there also makes you susceptible to spam calls and texts from shady third parties. So, WhatsApp provides fewer privacy controls and anonymity compared to keeping chats isolated within a dating app.

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