Unsending an Instagram Message? Here's What Happens

Last Updated: April 8, 2024
Published by Ruby Cobb

When you unsend a message on Instagram, you effectively retract your sent message, removing it from the conversation on both ends.

This means that once you decide to use this feature, the message will no longer be visible in your chat history or the recipient's.

To unsend a message:

  1. Navigate to the conversation containing the message.
  2. Long-press on the message you wish to retract.
  3. Select Unsend from the options that appear.

It is crucial to acknowledge that retracting a message does so regardless of whether the recipient has seen the message or not.

However, there's no guarantee that the recipient hasn't already read the message before you unsend it.

If the recipient has push notifications enabled, the message could have been seen as a notification, although it will disappear once unsent.

Unsending a message on Instagram works as follows:

  • The message disappears from both your and the recipient's conversation.
  • The action is irreversible; once unsent, a message cannot be retrieved.
  • Push notification previews may still be visible until the recipient opens the app.

Remember, exercising caution before sending messages is wise as the unsend feature should not be relied upon as a guarantee that the message won't be seen.

Use it promptly if you accidentally send an unintended message or choose to remove what you've sent.

Immediate Effects After Unsending a Message

When you unsend a message on Instagram, two immediate effects are noticeable: the recipient may receive a notification, and the message visibility changes for both you and the recipient.

Recipient Notification

If you unsend a message on Instagram, the recipient may receive a notification depending on whether they have push notifications enabled or if they are currently active in the chat.

However, the notification will not have the content of the message; it will only indicate that a message was unsent.

Message Visibility Status

Once a message is unsent on Instagram:

  • For the Sender: The message will no longer appear in your chat history.
  • For the Recipient: If the recipient has not yet seen the message, it will disappear without any trace.
  • If they viewed it before you unsent it, they will no longer see the message in their inbox.

Remember, unsending a message doesn't prevent the recipient from having reported the message if they managed to see it before you unsent it.

Recipient's Perspective on Unsent Messages

When a message is unsent on Instagram, as a recipient, you will notice changes in notifications and your conversation thread without any prior alert.

Notification Behavior

Upon the sender unsending a message, you will not receive a specific notification indicating that a message was unsent.

If you had a prior notification of the message before it was retracted, this notification will no longer lead to any content when selected.

There won't be any trace of the unsent message in the Instagram app.

Conversation Thread Changes

Your conversation thread will reflect the removal of the message—where there once was a message, there will now be nothing indicating it ever existed.

The thread updates without any mark or placeholder to signify that a message had been there and subsequently unsent.

Sender's Perspective on Unsent Messages

When you unsend a message on Instagram, it is immediately removed from the conversation on both ends. This action can neither be undone nor does it leave any placeholder text, so it's important to use the feature cautiously.

Message Status Confirmation

After you have selected the Unsend option for a message, Instagram does not provide a separate confirmation that the recipient has not seen the message.

It is simply removed from the conversation. If the recipient has push notifications enabled, the original message may still be visible in their device's notification center until it is checked.

Unsend Limitations

There are no explicit time constraints mentioned for the unsend feature. However, once the message is unsent, there is no retrieval option.

The recipient of the message will not receive a notification that a message was unsent, and there is no trace of the unsent message in either user's chat history.

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